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Introduction to the Eurasier Club of Canada


Welcome to the Eurasier Club of Canada (ECC). The Eurasier Club of Canada was founded in 2005, in order to help protect the unique and wonderful qualities of the Eurasier, and to ensure its future. Because the Eurasier is a relatively young breed that is becoming more popular, the challenge is to remain true to the breed standard that has been set, and to live up to the vision of the breed founder, Julius Wipfel. Only through breeder and owner education, and the promotion of ethical and quality breeding practices and responsible dog ownership, will we be able to safeguard the Eurasier and help preserve its original characteristics.

The Eurasier Club of Canada (ECC) is committed to maintaining the high quality and standard of breeding established by the German Eurasier clubs of origin - of following their example, in order to ensure the health and beauty of this breed for many generations to come.

It was the firm desire of breed founder Julius Wipfel that the Eurasier be raised and cared for within the family. Even today within the original German clubs, the Eurasier is bred solely by hobby breeders who are closely supervised and guided by knowledgeable and experienced people. A comprehensive database that includes health information is used to help determine sound mating choices.

Our ‘ECC Approved Breeders’ endeavour to remain in close contact with their puppy owners and are always available for questions concerning the well being of their offspring.

Resisting the temptation of breeding as a business is a part of the Eurasier philosophy.

The Eurasier is relatively new to North America but is quite popular in its native Germany. It is a medium-sized spitz dog, with a thick wooly undercoat, soft, medium-length outer coat in various colors, and a bushy tail that it carries over its back. It has dark, expressive almond shaped eyes, and can have a pink, blue-black, or spotted tongue.

Eurasiers were given official breed status by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) on June 13, 1995.

The Eurasier Club of Canada was officially accredited by the CKC, as the national breed club in Canada for the Eurasier breed, on April 5, 2007.

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